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Ingredient: Amaranth - AsantePlantBased

Ingredient: Amaranth

History of Amaranth:

Amaranth was considered 1 of the 4 essential foods in the diet of the Aztecs, who considered it the food of the gods. The ritual use of its seed was essential to give vitality to the mortal body of the travelers. Amaranth was closely related to indigenous religious rituals and it was not until the end of the 20th century that the enormous nutritional value of amaranth was discovered.

Nutrition Facts:

Amaranth is considered a Superfood because it is a good source of fiber, protein, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and iron, along with several other important micronutrients. It has even been proposed as a possible resource against world hunger.

Health Benefits of Amaranth:

1- Rich in Protein:
This is definitely the most well-known aspect of amaranth. Protein is essential for growth and the creation of new cells and tissues, as well as for more immediate energy needs and metabolic functionality. It has more protein than almost any other grain; even the leaves of the amaranth contain beneficial proteins.
2- Antioxidant Agent:
It contains a certain peptide; this can reduce inflammation in the body and it can also prevent the activity of free radicals that can create cancerous cells. This anti-inflammatory molecule can also help with arthritis, gout, etc.
3- Improves Bone Quality:
Amaranth has a lot of minerals (including a lot of calcium). Calcium is a crucial for preventing demineralization of the bones and extending active into an old age because it prevents demineralization of the bones.
4- Lowers Cholesterol Levels:
It helps to balance cholesterol in the body by eliminating LDL from the cardiovascular system. It also contains a huge amount of vitamin K, so it works as a booster for heart health.

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