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Ingredient: Oregano - AsantePlantBased

Ingredient: Oregano

 Oregano´s history:

 Oregano was originally grown in Greece. They believed it was created by the Goddess Aphrodite and that she wanted it to be a symbol of joy growing in her garden. The word “oregano” means “joy of the mountains”.
The Roman’s next adopted oregano because they enjoyed the taste and how easy it was to cultivate. Also, it has been valuable for culinary and alternative medicine treatments.


Health Benefits of Oregano:

1- Antibacterial Activity:
Oregano has antibacterial properties. These come from the thymol and carvacrol and these organic compounds can help defend the body against a wide range of bacteria that can affect the skin, gut, etc.
Oregano can also increase the production of white blood cells and speed up the metabolism, which can make a faster recovery of common illnesses.

2- Aids in Digestion:
Oregano is high in fiber. Fiber is essential for a healthy digestive system because it can increase the bulk of the stool and stimulate peristaltic motion (which moves food through the digestive tract).

3- Antioxidant Potential:
Oregano contains flavonoids and phenolic acids. These help to improve inflammation-related diseases, respiratory and digestive disorders, headaches, rheumatism, diabetes, and others.

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