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10% of Americans are now plant-based consumers!

10% of Americans are now plant-based consumers!

More and more people are becoming aware of what they consume and the food they eat. This awareness process leads to a plant-based diet, which has been shown to be for us humans, the best alternative as a species in the quest of survival.


10% of USA consumes plants

In recent years, this wave of consciousness has expanded rapidly in the United States, where the preference for plant-based diets has tripled in recent years, reaching 9.7 million people who choose to seek alternatives to animal products. This amount represents 10% of the total US population.

This transition on a massive level, has encouraged to create more products and spaces to cover this demand with attractive alternatives and that take care of the interest towards the protection of the environment for future generations and that are healthy, factors that have been crucial so that more than 10 % of the national population choose a plant-based diet.


Who represents this figure?

According to data compiled from GFI, Sentient Media, The Vegan Society, and other sources, 10% of US adults identify as consuming plant-based diets and avoiding animal products, while 8% consider themselves vegan, with the black and indigenous community where this preference has increased.

Age and General Profile

The statistic also shows that 59% of those who adopt plant-based diets are women, and 41% are men. In terms of generation, 40% of plant consumers are millennials, while the generation of baby boomers and Gen X represent 21% each. Regarding their political tendency, 52% identify themselves as liberal, 34% as neutral and 15% as conservative.

Breaking accessibility myths

The statistic also shows that the plant-consuming population earns approximately $54,000 a year, which is less than what the average American makes. Which goes against the common thinking that a vegan lifestyle or a plant-based diet is unaffordable for the average citizen, on the contrary, plant-based diets, in addition to all that they offer, are also a benefit to the individual and national economy.

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