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5 Stages in the Plant Based Journey!

5 Stages in the Plant Based Journey!

"Am I doing it right? Is it wrong if I don't transition 100% from the start?" This World Food Day we help you start your plant-based journey with five points to consider!

Embrace the process!

When you begin a plant based transition, you must embrace the process of learning new ways to eat. You can start with small actions, like Meatless Monday, planning your purchases around plant-based recipes that appeal to you. This path should feel good and not overwhelming. Recognize your efforts and do not blame yourself if you cannot follow a path as strict as you would like, all the actions you carry out are great for the planet, do not be discouraged!

Start planning your meals

If you're looking to start a plant-based diet, you should start locating places where you can stock up. Local markets with fresh vegetables, fruits and grains, as well as specialized stores that can offer you another type of variety. Check how friendly the ingredients of your favorite products are. Prepare snacks for when you are not at home or have a social event and you are not sure if there will be something plant based. Locate your own weaknesses, choose to substitute products high in sugar or fat with something healthier, such as fruit or vegetables to snack on.

Be patient!

During this transition, you have to be very patient with yourself. It is not easy to reprogram eating habits, even more so after accustoming your brain to a different routine. It is natural that you have a cravings for junk food, your brain is conditioned to receive the pleasure of sugar and fat. To control cravings, substitute with hydration. Start by drinking more water, at least two liters a day. Some physical activity, like going for a walk, can also raise your mood hormones. Celebrate every step you take and remember to be patient programming your new habits!

Identify your purpose!

At each step, remember why you started your transition. Perhaps it was to improve your health and your loved ones, to make a positive change in the environmental impact, or to transmit better habits to your family. Remembering the reason that gave you the initiative is what can become the goal of your path towards healthier habits and give each step a purpose.

Share your experience!

Once you have started to generate new eating habits, you can begin to open up and share what you have experienced with your loved ones and close ones; friends, family, colleagues, you never know who else is trying to make a transition or is in a process similar to yours. You can share various points of view, as well as recipes or start unleashing creativity together. If someone starts to question, don't assume something negative at first, that person may be the one most interested in making a change and just wants to know more about your experience. Opening up also reinforces the confidence of the decisions you are making and accepting it as a part of who you are, in addition to the fact that by doing so you open a channel of awareness towards sustainability and the global situation.

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