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A Merry Christmas for everyone!

A Merry Christmas for everyone!

During the holidays, we feel nostalgic for home, the need to surround ourselves with our loved ones and to be grateful for the love we have received throughout our lives. This avalanche of feelings is not exclusive to human beings, if we could understand better the expression of animals, we would realize that these feelings can be constantly seen in fauna around the world.


The language of cows

Studies on animal behavior have recently been carried out on farms and meat-producing industries, which is where you can have a more constant approach towards the animals that are there. A study conducted by the University of Sydney, where various vocal recordings of cows were analyzed, discovered that cows convey their emotions in the way they moo. They express pain when they are in solitude or isolation and the mothers show a great sorrow of sadness when their babies they just had are taken away from them, this was even confirmed by the farmers, for whom the emotional reaction of the cows is so evident.

The friendship and attachment of cows

Another study from the University of Northampton discovered that they become attached and friendly with other cows throughout their short lives, since being close to other cows with whom they live longer, their levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) decrease, and his heart rate slows down, unlike being with unknown cows. This also indicates that the cows and probably all the animals exploited in this type of space live in a constant state of very high stress.


Everyone Deserves Love

This nostalgia for home, the need to be close to their loved ones and gratitude for love, is not something exclusive to human beings, animals, cows, they experience it beyond the winter holidays. We know that they miss their babies, that they seek the company of their friends with whom they have developed a bond of affection and who are grateful with each small sign of affection that will surely mark their hearts for the rest of their short lives.

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Source: Nature, CVM


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