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A modern tradition: World Vegan Month is here!

A modern tradition: World Vegan Month is here!

One of our favorite modern traditions is the celebration of World Vegan Month during November. Activists and organizations use it to spread information about plant-based diets, the consequences of consuming animal lives, the cruelty they face every day, and the impact that industrial production has on the planet. It is a month to reflect on our habits and what is behind them, and what we can do to contribute to our own health and our planet.

When did World Vegan Month start?

The history of World Vegan Month dates back to 1944 with the creation of The Vegan Society movement. In 1994, commemorating their 50th anniversary, they celebrated the first World Vegan Day on November 1st, soon it was extended to a week becoming World Vegan Week, to finally settle for the whole month due to the good response.

How can I commemorate it?

If you are ready to start your plant-based adventure, this is the best month to explore the outlook that plant-based life offers!

Start implementing plants in your diet!

This month, look for new recipes. Find out which ones catch your attention the most, learn about your own taste. You will realize that beyond the meat, what really gives the flavors you like is the way you season your food. What flavors catch your attention the most?

New supermarket adventures!

If you already know which ingredients and flavors your palate likes the most, it's time to go shopping. Make sure to bring fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains. Experiment with smoothies and salads with protein, nuts and tofu are good sources. You should also begin to read the labels of the products you carry, both food and personal care products, check out for the cruelty free seal.

Open up to the community!

Start locating support groups near you, join online groups, search for events around you. Having a support network in this adventure never hurts. You can learn from the experience of others, as well as share your own. You will realize that you do not have to be perfect from the beginning and be an expert, little by little you will develop your own criteria and way of leading your lifestyle. Follow us to become part of the Asanté community!


Invite your friends!

You can start sharing your experience with your loved ones, comment on the positive changes you have noticed, share some delicious recipe that has fascinated you, take them to a plant-based restaurant and blow their minds. Who knows! Your plant-based adventure partner may be closer than you think and just needs a little positive push.


This month, be sure to try ASANTÉ, flavors of traditional Mexican dishes you know and love, now plant-based! GMO free, without preservatives and it doesn’t need refrigeration. Find your nearest distributor HERE.


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