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A return to tradition is making 2021 the year of the “MEXITARIAN”

A return to tradition is making 2021 the year of the “MEXITARIAN”

So you think tacos, burritos, menudo, and chilaquiles are authentic Latino dishes that have been enjoyed for centuries by the indigenous Mexican population? Think again. 


Many dishes that we consider traditional Mexican favorites actually had their genesis during the time of the Spanish conquests. Prior to that, Mexico’s native population lived primarily on a diet rich in plants, seeds, and beans, not meat and dairy. Using animals for food was a product of the Spanish conquerors, not those who had lived on Mexican lands for hundreds of years. 

The incredible rise of plant-based Mexican eating, focusing on plants, legumes and other animal-free ingredients, is, in effect, an eschewing of the European culinary customs of Mexico’s “recent’ past and a return to traditional Latino roots that existed prior to the arrival of the Spanish into the region. It is also a way to connect with the ancient farming techniques and a culinary culture that were all but destroyed when Cortés and his army started arriving in the 16th Century.

And that yearning to return to traditional Mexican cooking isn’t limited to Central America. For the second consecutive year, social media analysis shows that the most popular global cuisine for those switching to a plant-based diet during this past Veganuary was Mexican food. That trend has continued throughout 2021, making it the “Year of the Mexitarian”. Simply put, consumers are finding that if they want to enjoy authentic Mexican dishes, animal cruelty is out, plants are in.

We at Asanté like to say we are “Evolving Traditions.” Our authentic, delicious Mexican products are deeply rooted in the foods that we have all grown up on but in a healthy, nutritious, heritage-inspired plant-based version that you can feel good about eating and that have been crafted from authentic Mexican recipes. 

Say Salud! to tradition. Say Salud! to Asanté

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