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Celebrating the early adopters in the Plant-Based Meat movement - AsantePlantBased

Celebrating the early adopters in the Plant-Based Meat movement

"We stand on the shoulders of giants". Isaac Newton 

You are among those Giants. 

As a species we have never lived a time like this. Our health and our environment is threatened, we are saturated with fake news and constant lies from all fronts, yet, somehow you were able to see trough all that and realize what is true from what is not. 

For that, at Asanté we honor you. Thanks for your courage we might stand a fighting chance to reverse all the harm that we have done to our planet and avoid un imaginable suffering. You are among a small but growing portion of the world's population who is making a change to their habits despite all the convenience around us. 

Lets make a quick summary of some of the threats we can avoid if we stop slaughtering 70 billion animals each year:

Threats to human health:

Diet is linked to leading causes of suffering

- Animal meat is a probable cause of 50% of cancers

- Cholesterol in animal meat is linked to heart disease, strokes and diabetes

- Use of preservatives weaken the immune system

- Artificial additives and colors are linked to hyperactivity, allergies and cancer

Farming practices cause pandemics

- Zoonotic diseases are a constant danger in factory farming with animals living in unsanitary conditions

- 80% of the world’s antibiotics are used in farmed animals

- A drug resistant bacteria pandemic is one of the worlds most alarming threats

Food access gap is widening

- 82% of starving children live in countries where food is destined to feed livestock

- Over 3 million people have died of famine since 2000

- We produce enough food for 7.5 billion humans but we feed and kill over 70 billion animals every year

- 90% of soy and 50% of other grains are fed to animals

Threats to the planet (our only home)

Our food choices impact climate change

- 18-51% of greenhouse emissions are related to livestock

- Reducing the use of the refrigerated supply chain can also contribute to lower emissions

- 25% of the calories the world produces are thrown away; they’re spoiled in supply chains which also release's greenhouse emissions

Biodiversity is losing ground

- 39% of the earth’s land is dedicated to agriculture.

- 78% Of all agricultural land is used for livestock, including grazing land and cropland dedicated to the production of feed

- 46% of the earth’s land is undeveloped and is being threatened by wildfires and deforestation driven by livestock

Fresh water should be used smartly

- 92% of global fresh water is used in agriculture and 29% is used by livestock. However this could be higher if we add water pollution.

- Water pollution by manure can deplete oxygen and life from rivers, lakes and sea coasts, creating death zones and destroying ecosystems

Thanks again for being part of the solution and lets keep thriving. 

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