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CHICAGO: Sustainable Urban Paradise City

CHICAGO: Sustainable Urban Paradise City

In a ranking of 50 US cities, Chicago came in 9th overall and was 6th in less Carbon Emissions rank. Considering the size of Chicago, its long history of diversity, the different spaces and neighborhoods in it, and its location in one of the largest nations in the world, Chicago is one of the best options for a sustainable and accessible lifestyle. The Chicago community constantly advocates for construction projects that have these two characteristics.



Although Chicago is a city, it remains surrounded by nature and promotes its conservation in programs and camps, so that from an early age kids learn to relate to green spaces. In its more than 200 neighborhoods, Chicago has approximately 570 individual parks, each one with various activities and gatherings according to the organization of the community. Interacting with these spaces on walks or bike rides that allow you to contemplate the forests and bodies of water that fill Chicago with natural diversity is highly recommended.




Despite its large size, Chicago seeks sustainable development through the construction of buildings that are eco-friendly in their materials and operation. 800 Fulton Market is one of these projects, as well as Bucktown's Mural Building, an old building which was restored to a more sustainable functionality and transformed into a shelter with access to social services for any person in need.

In Chicago, the use of alternative fuel transportation is also common, which reduces the production of carbon emissions, this together with the trees that surround the city, maintain a cleaner air quality than in any other average large city.

There are also several factories and large companies that have demonstrated their commitment to the city and the planet, presenting detailed reports of their efforts to reduce their environmental impact month by month.


In Chicago there are numerous neighborhoods, and in each one community groups are formed, watching over the integrity of its inhabitants and the conservation of the space in a sustainable way. The communities also encourage spaces for cultural exchange and constantly promote initiatives to care for the most disadvantaged, seeking to make each of the inhabitants a participating member of the community, caring for their dignity and needs: various shelters, kitchens and social services are accessible to those who require it all around the city.



The diversity in the population of Chicago makes it the cradle of diverse artistic movements with a great history behind them. Like the Black Arts Movement (BAM) in Chicago, which was accompanied by a protest in favor of human rights, founded by the poet and writer Amiri Baraka, generating a wave of authors, poets and writers. Chicago was also where artists like James Cotton, Muddy Waters, Sam Cook and Quincy Jones had the space to start building their careers. Chicago is also home to more than 30 major art galleries and a number of colleges focused on different art applications, such as the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and also, you can find a big number of beautiful mural art around the city and hunting them for social media photos is a trend for the visitors. 



The number of food and drink products made in the United States that use “plant-based” in their labeling spiked 287% between 2012 and 2018, according to the consumer research firm Mintel. 

Vegan and plant-based diets are getting more common each day. Between 2012 and 2018, the number of plant-based products in the US spiked 287%, according to a consumer research firm Mintel.  In Chicago there are more than 300 vegan options ranging from American fast food, gourmet and international options, and specialty shops for plant-based ingredients and products.


ASANTÉ finds an ideal place in Chicago having similar ideals of sustainability while taking advantage of the advancement of technology to improve the relationship with the environment. With its proposal to evolve traditions, keeps the flavor of your favorite Mexican dishes and reinvents them in a plant-based presentation. 

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