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COP 27: Alimentation changes to reverse global climate change

COP 27: Alimentation changes to reverse global climate change

After two years in confinement, the UN’s COP 27 took place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. During this edition, businessmen and activists met to pressure governments and global producers to take more action on the issue of climate change. One of the topics that stood out the most was the impact of food production, the meat industry and what it entails on environmental issues.

What is and what is the importance of the COP?

The COP, or Conference of the Parties, is the governing body of international conventions and treaties that has been held since 1975 annually in which the actions of the member states are evaluated on how they respected the international conventions.

This Conference and its agreements are important, since they aim to reduce the impact on the environment, verify the state of human and animal rights as well as justice methods, monitor the ethics of scientific experimentation and medical treatment, among other issues relevant to the quality of life on the planet.

What are the consequences of food production in the face of climate change?


It is estimated that 40% of the drastic changes that humanity has caused to the environment have been caused by food production, starting with the large amounts of territory that this industry covers, which puts an end to entire ecosystems, unbalancing the environment, just for the production of animal livestock, thousands of hectares are needed for their food. Also, livestock is responsible for more than 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions

What were the proposals?

Several of the speakers proposed alternatives or drastic solutions to combat the human consequences towards the environment. Among some, for example, is making more use of carbon emissions, not allowing them to go up into the atmosphere and allowing more plants to use them. A replenishing agriculture was also proposed, which is more profitable, in which more plants are put on the ground and take advantage of the space. It was also proposed to find ways to contain the methane produced by animal waste, and in the same way, take advantage of these gasses. Another proposal was even to start producing cultivated meat in steel cubes using microbial fermentation, a technology that is already being implemented in Singapore.


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Source: COP27, UN

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