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"Día de Muertos"

We remember the tastes that make our loved ones happy

In Mexico, spending time with our family is extremely important. This is why one of the great traditions is “Día de muertos”.

Mexicans usually put up an “Altar” that consists of a symbolic construction of several platforms to pay tribute to those who are not longer among us. 


We believed that on November 2, those who are no longer with us, visit their families. It is common to get together as a family and prepare a representation of an altar that includes the favorite foods and drinks of the deceased. We do this to establish a bond with that loved one we miss so much.


This is a very colorful and flavorful tradition, as families get together to prepare the dishes. In Mexico, it is said that "The way to a man's heart is through the stomach" for this reason, Mexicans put a lot of dedication when they cook.

This is an excellent opportunity to share with your loved ones the taste and affection of Asanté.

It is interesting that in Ireland the Celtics had a similar belief called "All Hallows Eve", during many periods of immigration that tradition evolved to what we now know as Halloween. 

Although food is one of the most important elements, it is not the only one; Among the most characteristic elements of the traditional altar are the following:


-Family photo

The photo of the person or persons who is going to visit the altar is placed and it is placed on the highest level of the altar.


-Flowers of “Cempasuchil”

Word derived from Nahuatl which means flower with 20 petals. These adorn and aromatize the place during their visit. In some cities it is customary to put petal paths that serve to guide them to the offering.


-Candles and candles

They serve as a guide so they can reach their old places and illuminate the return to their home.



The water or favorite drink of the loved one is offered to quench their thirst after their long journey and to enjoy their favorite drink.



The food that the deceased liked to delight them. One of the favorite dishes that appears on the altar is the mole poblano.


-The sugar skulls

They represent allusions to death.


-“Pan de muerto”

This kind of bread presents it as the "Body of Christ” and it is one of the most precious items on the altar.


We invite you to make and ofrenda and prepare a very special recipe for “Día de muertos”.

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