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Do meat hormones affect our body?

Do meat hormones affect our body?

Hormones are always a matter of chaos, whether you are a man or a woman, they can always play against you, mainly in adolescence, although in adulthood they continue to play tricks. Boys and girls are victims of their hormonal processes, which sometimes bring us a whole host of emotions that on those days we can't even control.

It’s been proved that an excessive level of hormones such as estrogens can cause breast cancer. A study conducted in New York found that estrogen levels can be increased by animal fats.

This is due to the fact that the animals are exposed and exploited with high levels of injected hormones to favor a gigantic growth of the animals with a greater density of "meat". These anabolic agents (hormones) are used to increase meat production, as they influence the metabolic functions of animals.

The most used hormones in livestock are gonadal hormones (steroids) and estrogens, this practice is highly used in almost all meat producers, especially industrial livestock.

What does this have as a consequence for the human body?

In general, fatty foods, especially animal proteins exposed to these practices, tend to increase estrogen and thereby increase the chances of breast cancer in men and women.

In contrast, in vegans or those whose diet is mostly plant-based, estrogen levels are lower, this does not affect the functioning of their body, on the contrary, globulins were found that bind to sex hormones, which when circulating through the blood, keep them inactive until needed. In other words, these hormones are reserved for when the human body really requires them.

This benefits the general health state of anyone and leads to longer lives, compared to those who include "meats" in their diets.

Prevent cancer and live a better life with plant-based diets! 

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Source: Animal production, 2022.

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