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Downers Grove: One of the greenest suburbs in the US!

Downers Grove: One of the greenest suburbs in the US!

Downers Grove is an attractive and rustic village, surrounded by nature and an architecture that brings us closer to the atmosphere of the first settlers and today is more than ready to welcome summer in an eco-friendly way! It was founded in 1832 and has developed into one of the most sustainable Suburbs, not only in Chicago, but in the entire US, despite the corporations that have decided to settle there.


Downers Grove is home to Univar Solutions, a leading global distributor of more than 17,000 chemical ingredients and specialized products available in its open catalog to producers around the world. This year, they presented a report emphasizing the improvements that have been achieved based on ESG criteria (Environmental, Social and Governance), which are increasingly taken into consideration by investors. Among the improvements that they published, there was a 39% reduction in their carbon emissions, hazardous waste was reduced by 45% and they have committed to diversity, equity and inclusion actions with their staff.




The Government Green Fleet Awards gave Downers Grove a place in its Top 10 Greenest Governments for Mobility awards. According to statistics, 83% of the vehicles registered in Downers Grove use alternative fuels, such as E-85, compressed natural gas (CNG), biodiesel, solar power, and hybrid fuels. So in Downers Grove CO2 emissions are 90% lower than average cities!




The Park District at Downers Grove, is a space made up of various parks, golf clubs, trails, walking paths, sports fields, recreation centers and more, constantly looking to develop the community bonds. During the summer, it offers a variety of activities for all ages, such as camps focused on getting closer to nature and learning about its preservation from an early age. They also offer open-air concerts, and community parties for the community to sell crafts and food. You can enjoy water activities and classes of various kinds in an inclusive and green space.




In its surroundings, Downers Grove has more than 30 vegan restaurants and shops that focus on plant-based products. You can find culinary options that range from gourmet food, from India, Mexican, Oriental, to more casual options such as coffee shops or cook a quick plant-based meal with the ingredients that the stores offer. These are all excellent options to dazzle your palate and your companion’s.


ASANTÉ, always looking for sustainable urban paradises, arrives at the Kramers store in Downers Grove, excited to be part of one of the most sustainable communities in the US, offering the favorite dishes of Mexico in plant-based versions, evolving traditions into the needs the global situation requires for its conservation without missing the dishes we love. 

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