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Excepcional spices to give your meals a unique and HEALTHY touch.

Excepcional spices to give your meals a unique and HEALTHY touch.

For centuries Spices have been the special touch for unrivaled stews, in addition to giving a unique flavor give us an explosion of nutrients.

Specially in plant-based diets, it’s a great ally to further exploit natural flavors and make delicious meals.

Today we want to recommend you the best spices that, in addition to being nutritious, are essential to become a gourmet chef in the kitchen.

  1. Garlic

To highlight the flavors, giving a unique touch to vegetable proteins such as mushrooms, chayote, pastor Asanté or Barbecue Asanté garlic is the favorite.

Also, this is considered a natural antibiotic against flu, inflammations, throat infections or raise your defenses.

  1. Turmeric

It is currently considered a superfood due to the benefits known for cancer prevention, it is also a natural analgesic, antioxidant and sedative to deal with stomach pain or colic.

Use it to season your dishes cauliflower, pasta, rice or Asanté burger.

  1. Cardamom

If you want to do a detox treatment, you should definitely include cardamom, whose specialty is detoxification in a natural way, in fact it is recommended to make cardamom tea to relieve hangovers (take note for the next party) or stomach ache.

Use it for dishes with carrots, pumpkin, Asanté de Barbacoa or Asanté Cochinita Pibil.

  1. Fenigreek

It is a delicious ingredient that provides a bittersweet flavor, which is why it’s perfect for salads or anchovies, Asanté al pastor or Asanté hamburgers.

It helps control sugar levels, which is great for preventing diabetes.

  1. Ginger

It is a perfect complement to salty or sweet dishes, for example, you can use it with Ceviche Asanté or in sweet dishes such as cookies or cakes.

It’s a natural antioxidant that helps burn fat and rejuvenate cells, without a doubt it shouldn’t be missing in your kitchen.

With these amazing tips it's time to start experimenting with different kinds of food. We´re sure these dishes will be delicious, in addition to being rich in nutrients, helping you to be your healthiest.






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