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Exquisite benefits of pea protein!

Exquisite benefits of pea protein!

If we talk about plant-based proteins, one of the rulers of this realm is the one derived from peas. Its consumption favors the healthy growth of boys and girls, in addition to controlling blood sugar levels, helping to prevent anemia and strengthening the immune system as well as cardiovascular health.

Do you want more reasons to finish falling in love with the protein of this legume?

Unlike animal protein, it is high in fiber and low on the glycemic index. This is extremely beneficial for people suffering from diabetes.

It is the best source of vitamin C, when consuming pea protein such as the one in ASANTÉ products, it provides 100% of the minimum amount recommended for the day.

Rich in vitamin A, which helps strengthen your immune system, a factor that is more important today than ever before the new viruses and bacteria that have emerged in recent years.

To love it even more, peas are hypoallergenic, it almost never causes allergic reactions! Unlike dairy and animal proteins, such as shellfish, which are allergens that most of the time cause stomach upset and poisoning .

Are you a fan of sports or do you do constant physical activity? Pea protein should therefore be your ally at all times. Due to the amount of amino acids of which it is composed, it promotes the repair of ruptures in muscle tissues that can occur after a training session. It also helps increase muscle mass.

What products can you find pure pea protein in? Products made from plant-based proteins such as ASANTÉ are rich in pea protein, especially our favorites, Cochinita plant - based, Pastor plant - based and Barbacoa plant - based.

ASANTÉ has found the perfect process for extracting this vegetable protein, without requiring chemicals or preservatives. This means that we maintain high protein levels to benefit your health.


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