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Futurevore: James Cameron's new term without stigma

Futurevore: James Cameron's new term without stigma

With the expected premiere of Avatar: The way of the water, visual effects are something that has been revolutionized again. But the visual impact is not all the legacy that James Cameron once again leaves.

During the 13 years it took to make the new Avatar movie, director and creator James Cameron, while thinking about his own universe and the Navi's diet, made a transition from 2012 to what he calls a "futurevore" diet.

What is a futurevore diet?

For James Cameron, it is a way of rethinking the term "vegan" to remove the bad connotations that it already implies. Cameron wanted to avoid being part of the stigma attached to the words "vegan" and "veganism." In his own words: “I tried to come up with a good term for it because vegan has all those connotations,” Cameron said. “‘How many vegans does it take to screw in a light bulb?’ ‘It doesn’t matter. I’m better than you.’ You just want to punch a vegan. ‘Punch a vegan today: It’ll feel good.’ “So the term I came up with is ‘futurevore,’' he said. “We’re eating the way people will eat in the future. We’re just doing it early.”


James Cameron's cinema in favor of plant-based diets

In addition to blockbusters like Titanic, Terminator and Avatar, Cameron also produced The Game Changers, a documentary on the benefits of plant-based diets featuring Arnold Schwatersenager, Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton and other top elite athletes. In the documentary, myths about plant-based diets are debunked, and athletes share their best tips for making this lifestyle change.

Activism beyond the screens

In addition to conveying his message in his audiovisual works, James Cameron also shares the benefits of plant-based diets whenever he gets the chance. The catering at his productions is plant-based. He has taken an interest in pea-based protein production, and has helped implement programs in schools in the US, to serve plant-based school menus.

“I love this stuff as much as moviemaking,” Cameron said. “And I know people think that sounds nuts: ‘Wait a minute. You love farming and pea protein as much as movies?’ Yeah, pretty much.”

Like James Cameron and other great athletes, start your plant-based adventure by trying Asanté, a variety of traditional Mexican plant-based dishes like cochinita pibil, pastor, barbacoa, made with pea protein, amaranth, and nopal. Available on our website.


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