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Healthy habits to prevent breast cancer

Healthy habits to prevent breast cancer

The pink month has always been and will be October, because every October 19 marks the International Day Against Breast Cancer. The objective is to raise awareness among the population and, above all, to encourage early detection of this condition, which is the second leading cause of death in women in the world.

In USA, 1 in 3 of all new female cancers each year is breast cancer.  We want to take care of you and your loved ones, that's why we bring you the following recommendations to prevent cancer and/or detect it early.

  1. Mammograms

From the age of 30, several doctors recommend having an annual mammogram for the early detection of breast cancer, especially when there is a family history that has already suffered from the virus.


  1. Watch your diet

Eat a balanced, high-fiber diet that includes Swiss chard, papaya, mushrooms, grapes, broccoli, and spinach. 


  1. Exercise

Practice at least 30 minutes of exercise daily or if you prefer you can do stronger training in a sport or in your gym at least 3 times a week.

  1. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol

Smoking and alcohol promote a faster deterioration of healthy cells, giving way to cancer cells.

  1. Explore yourself

Carry out a breast self-examination from the age of 20, preferably on the fifth day of menstruation, when the bust is more sensitive


  1. Plant-based to prevent!

A study from the University of Oxford revealed that women with plant-based diets had a lower incidence of breast and uterine cancer.

Products like Asanté also reinforce the proteins in our body, since each package contains more than 40g of natural proteins that promote strong health, making it possible for us to enjoy life more with our loved ones every day.


Take care of yourself, love yourself and explore yourself, remember that you are not alone.

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