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How to reduce my meat consumption?

How to reduce my meat consumption?

If you are reading this article, it is surely because you are already determined to reduce your meat consumption gradually. Although you may think that making this change is the easiest thing in the world, don’t pressure yourself, the important thing to a healthier transition lifestyle is to take it easy.  

Our culture, which is rich in culinary delights, makes us believe that by not consuming animal proteins, we could only eat salads daily, when the reality is that national and world cuisine is very coarse in dishes high in protein that are not necessarily  from animals.

The most important thing is that you don’t pressure yourself.  It's okay to fail  from time to time, you will see that with time, patience, perseverance,  self-love, and love for the planet and the animals, little by little those cravings will remain in the past.

To start the change in the best way possible, here are these tips:

1. Decrease portions gradually.

When it is time for lunch, make sure to reduce your meat portions, it is often that we eat even more meat than the proteins your body actually needs. Listen to what the body really asks you and instead of eating two “steaks” you can choose to eat just half of one and swap the rest for healthier proteins either as a garnish or with a plant-based stew to accompany it such as the delicious Asanté burgers with watercress.


2. Meal prep.

Organizing your meals a week ahead can make it easier for you not to resort to a steak, for example, before going to the supermarket on Sunday, take a look at which new recipes you can find that inspire you on reducing meat consumption.You can click here to be inspired by our Plant-based recipes that are not only delicious and practical but also nutritious.


3. Ask for help 

In addition to the fact that you can rely on a nutritionist who is an expert in meat-free diets, you can request in your daily environments, healthier options that do not include animal proteins or at least without "red" meat.

Don't be afraid to talk to the manager of your work cafeteria or the school cafeteria about including different options on the menu, the world is progressing and so do dietary needs and restrictions.


4. Start with a meatless day.

Meatless Monday is so powerful that it is proven that in the long run people who started with one meatless day became vegetarian in a healthy way and without pressure. Here we leave you more information to inspire you.


5. Get informed and inspire others.

If you are thinking about this diet on the road to better health and well-being on the planet it is because you are an informed and sensitive person, now is the time to seek the support of your friends, acquaintances and family so that just like you, together you can seek a better future that evolves traditions.

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