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Is the meat industry in danger of extinction?

Is the meat industry in danger of extinction?

In at least 30 years it is estimated that meat will not be a sustainable industry. Why? Livestock production is becoming increasingly inadequate and with lack of results.

For example, from a whole cow, only 4% yields for sale, lamb 6%, pork 8% and 20% for chicken. Likewise, more than 70% of the fertile land is dedicated to this activity, which consumes large amounts of drinking water and is responsible for the largest amount of gas emissions such as methane, which even exceeds the impact of all world transport.

In addition to this, the antibiotics used in meat generate resistance to bacteria and viruses in the human body. Now, you should be thinking, what will be the future of meat?? The search for alternatives has been going on for years, ever since Winston Churchill´s times, where  some signs of scientific advances were shown: “With a greater knowledge of the so-called hormones, (...) it will be possible to control growth. We will escape the absurdity of raising a whole chicken to eat the breast or the wing, growing these parts separately in a suitable medium ”.

In vitro or cultured meat is what Churchill has been referring to, since 1930, although it was until 1990 that what seemed to be taken from a futuristic movie began to come true.

Cultured meat is based on extracting muscle fibers from animal cells, that is, where healthy and protein tissue is concentrated, this is achieved through a biopsy done to animals where they are kept sedated to avoid unnecessary suffering.

Finally, after creating a three-dimensional structure, it is “cultivated” in special incubators, resulting in a gelatin scaffold meat  consistency, generally used for hamburgers, meatballs or nuggets, and there's an actual investigation to create new presentations such as steak.

Although this initiative would seem like something out of futuristic movies where on multiple occasions we have seen references where the future is "vegetarian", this in vitro technology is expanding by leaps and bounds; Nations like Singapore and Israel are already pioneers in the consumption and distribution of this new form of food.

At first, we are all skeptical, but with some market studies the users who tested the meat in vitro said that its flavor is similar to that of meat, but that  its consistency is the most uneven to the "original", due to its fibrous consistency.

Even prominent activist celebrities are investors in this type of projects like Leonardo Dicaprio who promotes a cruelty free future  through in vitro meat.

However, all this innovation is far from being accessible to a great majority, which is why the diet for the future  is focused on plant-based. 

The way of having a plant-based diet is having a wide range of foods with different nutrients, such as; vegetables, fruits, grains, cereals, seeds and its derivatives. 

Foods like Asanté have been moving into this type of diet based on nutrients available to everyone, always having  the best of Mexican flavors.

The benefit is found in the formulas created by expert scientists, the production of these foods is sustainable, which makes it ibe at an affordable price.

These products have multiple benefits in our body, it reduces cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar levels, preventing the development of fatal diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or obesity and overweight pandemic.

By having natural origin foods you prevent the risk of promoting the cancer cells growth and have a lower environmental impact.

Without a doubt, the future must be greener where we can all live in harmony with other feeling beings, where we can  notice improvements in our health and have a  much healthier planet, in harmony with human beings.

So, in the meantime, why don't you try plant-based? In Asanté we have the best of Mexican flavors and nutrients for a balanced and delicious diet. Don't doubt in trying out and starting today!

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