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Less meat and more plant-based!: Doctors seek to promote a healthier lifestyle

Less meat and more plant-based!: Doctors seek to promote a healthier lifestyle


Some time ago, showing a position of activism or interest in the conservation of the Earth was considered a radical discourse that only a few dared to take and defend. However, today there are more voices that position plant-based diets as the best food alternative for human beings, both for their health benefits and for the climate situation we face today. Scientific authorities, doctors, specialized committees, organizations, large companies and even politicians have prioritized their agenda to address the climate situation and extend the life of human beings on Earth.

Recently, The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a nonprofit organization founded in 1985 that promotes preventive medicine, conducts clinical research, and encourages higher standards of ethics and effectiveness in education and research, published a statement addressed to the president of the United States, Joe Biden, in which it is requested to facilitate access to plant-based diets for all citizens.

As a result of several years of scientific research and in consensus with more than 100 experts who came together to write this declaration, the proposal of four essential points where chosen for this petition:

  • Expanding Access to Plant-Based Meals in Schools and Institutions
  • Removing Barriers to Plant-Based Milk at Schools
  • Using the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to Promote Plant-Based Diets
  • Ensuring Better Nutrition Education for Physicians

In the report they presented, each point is detailed and justified, in addition to providing information on the consequences of a carnivorous diet, including obesity, susceptibility to different types of cancer, bone problems, lactose intolerance, among others. 

This initiative seeks to promote plant-based food through the positioning in the culture and daily habits of citizens. Giving visibility from the official food guidelines provided by the government will start a process of normalization and implementation in the lifestyle of average citizens. Educating doctors on plant-based nutrition will expand the field of authorities that generate confidence in plant-based consumption, eliminating prejudices and nutrition myths that have been generated due to lack of information. Expanding access to a greater variety of plant-based foods will give more visible options to any consumer in their local supermarket. Implementing these alternatives in schools will generate culture from an early age to normalize plant-based consumption in every home.

If this initiative gains strength, it will be a great step for the implementation of global sustainability, since it implies sociocultural changes both in favor of environmental conservation, and in favor of the conservation and evolution of the health of the entire species.

In accordance with the doctors' proposal, ASANTÉ promotes the approach to plant-based diets in a friendly and delicious way, adapting Mexican dishes and evolving traditions towards the needs of the current situation.

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