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Month of Mexican Delights

Month of Mexican Delights

Month of Mexican Delights 

We are celebrating!

In Mexico, every September 16th, the beginning of the independence revolution is commemorated.

This celebration in addition to decorating the heroes of the Mexican homeland such as the famous Don Miguel Hidalgo, José María Morelos y Pavón, Ignacio Allende, Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, just to mention the most popular ones, celebrates the independence of Spain in order to start the nation that today we know as Mexico.

In the country national holidays are held throughout the month, full of green, white and red decorations as its flag, multicultural parades, the president in turn gives the famous grito: "Viva Mexico!" which is a reference to freedom and the new era, but it’s also celebrated with delicious typical dishes.

Many of these dishes are the result of the Aztec and Spanish mix. For example, original Mexican cuisine has many ingredients that come from nature, such as fruits, seeds, roots and vegetables, while Spanish cuisine brought with it more spices, aromatic herbs and much later, animal proteins such as that of the pork.

Today Mexican culture has turned to its roots, changing their diets and learning the lessons from their ancestors. For example, some dishes that are very well-known from Mexican culture, such as “tacos” are being made in the ancestral way again, including vegetable stews and sometimes adding insects such as grasshoppers, spiders, ants, among others.

Sounds similar to you? Generally, the original cultures, whether from the center or north of the continent, have something in common: their gastronomy was based on plants.

Many times these customs were not because there were no animals that today are used for livestock, this is because animal life was even seen in a sacred way, while food from earth was seen as a gift of nature. 

How could they live without animal protein? Simple, they didn't need it. The consumption of animal protein was reserved for special occasions, so they experimented with a myriad of fresh flavors and spices.

Because what we have seen and know, this diet outside of keeping them weak caused them the opposite, keeping them strong and ready for battles.

Today we invite you to look up a little more about these interesting cultures and their gastronomy. Join us on our social media networks where you can find incredible recipes that can be cooked in a modern way, closer to the way our ancestors did:  as well as follow us on our social networks where we will be giving you the best recipes so that you can cook in a modern way but not so far removed from how our ancestors did: with food based on riches that nature offers us.

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