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Natural superfoods

Natural superfoods

Surely you have heard the term superfood, a word used to refer to foods that due to its amount of benefits, nutrients and origins, makes it a perfect food for health in general.

Well, today we brought to you a ranking of the best "superfoods” that you can find in the market, and we are not talking about some exorbitant products. This time we're talking k about products from faithful farmers, that's right: vegetables.

Vegetables are a source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and hundreds of nutrients that keep our bodies strong and healthy. But among so much variety, which are the ones that most benefit our body?

Here is our treasured list of favorite Mother Earth gifts:



Spinach gives us strength like Popeye, they are one of the vegetables with less calories and are also a source of iron, calcium, potassium and folic acid.

In fact, they are an ally if you suffer from anemia or have a weakened immune system, this allows us to obtain useful minerals for the muscular and neuronal system.

It is very useful if you practice sports, physical activity or are in a detox treatment, it is also very easy to cook it with different dishes such as spinach with cheese (it depends on your diet), empanadas with Asanté Pastor or soups.


 2. Broccoli

Another vegetable famous for offering a high quality of nutrients such as potassium, vegetable calcium, vitamin C, iron, fiber and bioactives.

Broccoli is also rich in flavonoids, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, glucosinolates and anticancer elements, this makes its consumption helpful to prevent obesity or rebound in diets since it accelerates the metabolism and produces a satiety effect due to its vegetable proteins and fiber. 

We recommend preparing it in salads, sautéed or stewed with Asanté burgers and sauce.


3. Pepper

It's a powerful pump of vitamin C, carotenes, vitamin A, and potassium in heaps.

Also if you are looking for something full of fiber to improve your digestion then this vegetable is for you.

In the raw state it helps to reduce your glucose (the glycemic index) and have a higher metabolic expenditure, that is to say you burn more calories, it is perfect if you are looking forward to keeping fit or lose a few pounds.

What dishes can you cook? Salads, Barbecue or Cochinita Asanté with pepper or use it as a complement to your roast meats made with Asanté.


 4. Carrot

The undisputed queen of vitamin A with antioxidant effects, its benefits are clearly seen in the body such as the brightness of the skin, healthy mucous membranes, strong and clear hair, and  for our vision.

It is also pretty accessible,you can find it in any supermarket or market. With it you can make salads, medallions with Asanté hamburgers or Asanté Cochinita with grated carrot.


 5. Celery

This is one of the most hydrating vegetables with fewer calories given its richness in sodium and potassium, it provides antioxidants, vitamin K (helps blood clotting), fiber and folic acid.

If you suffer from dehydration or are looking for satiety and weight loss, celery cannot be missing in your refrigerator, it is excellent as a healthy snack, or  alongside with your Asanté burgers.


 6. Lettuce

There are so many varieties of lettuce that they make it a must-have vegetable. It provides a lot of water, fiber without calories, vitamin B and potassium.

If you are starting any physical activity or have been an athlete for a long time, this vegetable is perfect to hydrate your muscles naturally.

It is undoubtedly perfect with Asanté Burger or as a complement to your dishes.


7. Pumpkin

Specially at this time it is very rough. For this Halloween and  Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) do not miss the opportunity to experiment with it. It is rich in potassium, carotenes, fiber and vitamin A making it important for skincare, muscles and the neuromuscular system.

It is delicious with pumpkin fudge, cake or Barbacoa Asanté with pumpkin.

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