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Netflix gems to inspire you to go plant-based

Netflix gems to inspire you to go plant-based

 Each day a meatless lifestyle is increasing in thousands of homes around the world, who, concerned about their health, the environment, animals and nature have decided to do their role to avoid a world catastrophe.

Surely you are one of those thoughtful and sensitive people who seek a better future for the entire planet and are also eager to get valuable information.

That is why we recommend the following documentaries that reveal invaluable data and information that will make you reflect on your diet and the food industry.

1. Cowspiracy

This documentary gave a lot to talk about among the vegan and non-vegan community due to its heartbreaking message.

Focused on industrial mass farming, this shocking documentary shows you how animal agriculture, the pollution caused, and the living conditions of animals make the world die a little more every day. It will certainly give you a lot to think about.


2. What the health

This production shows the darker side of the food industry in North America and how corruption is present with health organizations, giving the green light to foods that are harmful to health.

Some of the topics they address are the excessive use of antibiotics in livestock, the inconsistency in diets rich in lactose and how the human being was perhaps never a hunter, but a gatherer.


3. Food matters

Here you will question how your food impacts your health and the environment. You will also see how an arduous research supported by a series of nutrition professionals concludes that the vegan diet is the healthiest and most environmentally friendly.



Okja is not a documentary however, it is a film that has inspired new generations to change their diet and see the souls of animals.

This feature film tells how a girl and her giant pet are at a crossroads between animal rights defenders, corporations and ethics in this crazy world.


5. The Game Changers

This documentary shows how athletes, soldiers, scientists, cultural icons and some everyday heroes transform their lives to those of the people around them by promoting a plant-based diet for good health, caring for the planet and animals.

These feature films can be found on Netflix, we also invite you to follow us on social networks for more recommendations and special notes on movies that you can find on other streaming platforms.

Remember that the important thing is to evolve traditions and seek to build a sustainable future for all.

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