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Now playing in America's Mexican Restaurants: Plant Based!

Now playing in America's Mexican Restaurants: Plant Based!

El Restaurante, the bible of Mexican and Latin foodservice trends, recently showcased the trend towards a greater array of plant-based options in traditional Mexican restaurants in the United States. Though we hate to toot our own horn, we don’t mind saying…we told you so.

“Not only are plant-based dishes healthier for people and the planet; they can be healthier for restaurants’ bottom line too,” states the magazine. Contrary to popular belief, restaurants’ highest cost/lowest profit items are meat-based menu items. Restaurant Consultant Henry Dominguez adds, “Plant-based menu items can be up to 50 percent lower in cost and have a higher selling price for similar, same-size (meat-based) portions.”

One concern that foodservice outlets have expressed regarding offering plant-based items is the lack of variety. Yes, there are many companies offering chick’n patties and nuggets, ground plant-based beef or sausage, and a few who dabble in plant-based fish items, but that’s about it.

That leaves a white space available for a brand like Asanté who not only provides a welcome alternative to the same old plant based food items with offerings such as Barbacoa, Cochinita Pibil and Pastor—not to mention our new Filet Asada—but we have a distinct advantage in that we already season our foods with authentic Mexican chef inspired tastes.

In summary, we love that Mexican restaurants in America are now offering plant-based options and we welcome the trend towards a wider variety of vegan items coming in 2022.

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