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Plant-Based Proteins: An Affordable Solution for Africa

Plant-Based Proteins: An Affordable Solution for Africa

The rapid increase of world population is one of the red lights in current global sustainability. Countries such as those belonging to the African continent could be the first to suffer an economic and resource collapse if the global situation cannot be contained. A recent study points to the acceptance and preference for plant-based foods in countries such as Nigeria, Kenya and Egypt.
“Population growth trajectories globally—and in Africa in particular—suggest looming food security challenges”

An open palate to sustainability

The study notes that in Nigeria and Kenya, four out of five Millennials and Gen Zers have consumed plant-based “meat”, while in Egypt, three out of five have. The African continent has been susceptible to food crises, and today more than ever global instability affects its development.

Africa, back to its roots

Africa used to be mainly a plant-based continent, until European settlers brought in cattle ranching, which involved a radical change in its infrastructure, resource management and economy. Recently, however, Africa seems to be returning to its roots. Statistics from the study indicate that low- to middle-income families in Africa are the main emerging market for plant-based protein consumption on the continent.

A global red light and a green solution

If the consumption of animal products continues to grow along with the global population over the next few decades, there will be serious effects on animal welfare, food safety, public health and the environment. Africa, considering its economic position compared to other continents, seeks to prevent this direct crisis by promoting plant-based food. This could mitigate the consequences of the overexploitation of animal resources and more and more inhabitants are open to plant-based food, both for what it implies in their economic stability, and in global stability.
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