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4 reasons why plant-based is healthy - AsantePlantBased

4 reasons why plant-based is healthy

1.- Last year, Men’s Health found that seitan (plant-based meat based on wheat gluten) had three times the protein of steak and 10% of the fat content. Also, swapping to a meat substitute was found to potentially add four years to your life, while eating red meat every day increases your odds of early death by 12%.


2.- New data confirms that is better to get protein from beans rather than beef. Researchers in Greece looked at the diets of 3,349 women and men over the age of 50. They found that those who ate a high plant protein diet had a higher SAI score (successful aging score) than those who had a low plant protein intake.


3.- Another study examined the impact of protein intake (protein from meat sources) on the lifespan of 6,381 over-50s in the USA. Those who had a high protein intake have a 75% increase in overall mortality. They also had a higher death risk over the following 18 years.



4- You can get sufficient amounts of protein on a plant-based diet

Prioritize real foods, think about supplementing with a protein shake or bar and look at getting protein into every meal.

-Nut butter: 3.4g per tablespoon
-Half a cup of lentils: 12g of protein
-Baked beans: 4g of protein per 100g and 0g of saturated fat.
-Tofu and tempeh: contain all nine essential amino, as well as iron, calcium, manganese, and phosphorous.
- Asanté plant-based meat: filet protein (made from a blend of Wheat, Amaranth, Pea, Nopal, Potato, Corn, and Bamboo)  contain 13.7g of protein per 100g.

There are plenty of options and you don’t have to be100% vegan to live longer or be healthier.




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