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Robots, Artificial Intelligence and plant-based food?

Robots, Artificial Intelligence and plant-based food?

There has been a lot of interest, fuss and debate around Artificial Intelligence lately, some consider that there is potential in everything it could learn and execute to make life easier for human beings, while others consider that it should not be used to replace forms of expression and creativity unique to humans. However, Artificial Intelligence and its constant development is a reality whether we like it or not.

Technology in food

The potential that can be glimpsed is from facilitating and making agricultural processes more efficient, making the days much more productive and less burdensome for those who work the land. In addition to accelerating other production processes, as well as data distribution and verification. It is also sought that all these processes be achieved in a more environmentally friendly way, making technology, which previously threatened to replace nature, now being used to find ways to recover and expand it.

Would you eat something prepared by artificial intelligence?

A recent survey conducted by FoodBytes was conducted and the majority response was a surprising “Yes”; being the response of 77% of the participants, showing a positive interest towards what technology of this type could offer to the food industry. Regarding the execution of the kitchen, as with agriculture, processes could be made more efficient and others facilitated for the people who are dedicated to preparing food.

What is expected from Artificial Intelligence in a meal?

Considering that the bet is that Artificial Intelligence will be present in the daily life of future generations, it is worth considering that the new generations have new perspectives on things. The concern of current generations for the environment are ideals that remain at the root of the new generations and that will be very present in future ways of thinking. As of today, millennial parents are already transmitting their concern towards issues such as the climate crisis, food sustainability, the cruelty towards life that the industry implies, among other points of which we are already more than aware at this point. In order for Artificial Intelligence to survive under these new paradigms, it will have to adjust to them in the foods it develops.

Plants and Technology

What Artificial Intelligence should aim for is the execution of plant-based foods, to explore the potential of the different flavors and combinations that exist in plants, and to deliver a new variety of culinary experiences, as well as rescuing some familiar flavors,  being this the great potential of technology.

At Asanté we already consider all these new ideals, and recreate your favorite traditional Mexican dishes in plant-based versions. Evolve traditions today, the seasoning you love and know now made with pea protein, amaranth and other Mexican plants.

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