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SEITAN: The wizard of proteins!

SEITAN: The wizard of proteins!

Plant-based proteins are without a doubt, one of the best options when it comes to taking care of your health and the planet. Thanks to the innovation of brands such as Asanté, there are great protein alternatives besides textured soy protein, such as nutrients extracted from peas, nopal or seitan.

Of the latter, although it is not yet as well known as textured soy protein products, we will explain why it is a delicious and nutritious option if you are looking to experience new flavors and textures to melt your palate.

What is seitan?

Seitan is the base of wheat, which is obtained through washing to extract maximum nutrient potential.

The name comes from the Asian continent, where seitan means "vegetable protein". It is no coincidence, since the high level of protein in this food is its main characteristic. For vegans, vegetarians and all those who are looking for healthy alternatives to strengthen their body without including animal protein that is harmful to their metabolism.

Some of its main advantages so you should include it in your diet are:

  • High content of fiber and carbohydrates, causing it to be digested more easily

  • It is low in fat and has a satiating effect, so it is perfect when you are looking to lose body fat.

  • Contains more than 24% protein in its molecular structure, which promotes muscle growth

  • It is recommended for kids in growth due to the large amount of protein they need.

  • Helps lower your cholesterol levels

It has many more nutrients than animal meat, in addition, in the production of seitan, hormones or antibiotics that affect health are not needed as in the case of meat.

Here on ASANTÉ, we innovate with proteins such as seitan, which are a healthy alternatives, where through products such as CHOCHINITA PIBIL, BARBACOA and PASTOR, we rescue those recipes that fascinate us, evolving traditions, and making delicious and sustainable products for the planet. 

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