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South Side: full of social and environmental awarness!

South Side: full of social and environmental awarness!

South Side is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly neighborhoods you can find in Chicago, as well as being one of the largest in the city. It has a great history of diversity, creative expression, community support and concern for the environment, being the cradle of important artistic movements and home to transcendental figures such as Barack and Michelle Obama.



On the South Side, sustainable and accessible architecture is in trend. Currently, there are fewer options for families to buy a house in the city, and often moving away from neighborhoods is not an option for them, so these developments offer alternatives within their budgets. These houses use solar energy entirely, even for heating during winters, and with this they also seek to eliminate gas as a main fuel. At the moment there are 10 houses already in use, and 6 more are about to be built. The 16 houses were sold before they were complete, so they expect to construct more in the near future. If you're looking for a place to live that fits your ideals and budgets, South Side has great propositions right now.


On the South Side you can find the immense Chicago Park District, one of the largest and oldest parks in the states. You can find more than 27 beaches with their respective ports, more than 600 parks, 11 museums, two botanical conservatories, a zoo, 78 swimming pools, and numerous areas and courts for sports. All this and more distributed in the more than 8,800 acres that compose it. This unique area gives you plenty to explore for several days and find something new each time.


Within the South Side, you can visit Hyde Park Township, which was independent until 1889, when it was annexed to Chicago. A special atmosphere is appreciated in the commercial areas of the 53rd, 55th, and 57th streets that still preserve some of their original architecture from more than 100 years ago. You can also see grand hotels that made Hyde Park Township a tourist resort before the Great Depression. You can also take a tour at The Museum of Science and Industry, or visit The University of Chicago and the emblematic and majestic Rockefeller Chapel, a Gothic-style chapel that John D. Rockefeller sponsored it as an attraction for the University.


In addition to its artsy bent, the South Side also has plenty of room for sports. Hosting three professional teams: Chicago White Sox (Major League Baseball team), Chicago Bears (National Football League team), and Chicago Fire FC (Major League Soccer). In addition to that, it has two large stadiums: Soldier Field, a football stadium that opened in 1924 and has been home to the Chicago Bears since 1971, with a capacity for 61,500 fans, and the Guaranteed Rate Field, a baseball field which was the first sporting facility built in Chicago since Chicago Stadium in 1929.




Being such a diverse neighborhood, the South Side from the beginning has developed a strong social interest since the area has rapid growth. It is mainly concerned with causes of institutionalized racism, discrimination, pollution of the environment by construction companies and preserving the water quality. South Side is also home to activist Hazel Johnson, considered the "mother of environmental justice" and founder of People for Community Recovery, which seeks to improve the quality of life in communities affected by environmental pollution.



South Side, emphasizing its interest towards community and environmental wellness, is home to South Side Blooms; a flower shop, in which with every purchase you are directly supporting the creation of jobs for young people and adults from the toughest communities in Chicago in difficult situations. The flowers are "beyond-organic", because they do not use any type of pesticide, herbicide or synthetic fertilizers, making the work of this flower shop a social and environmental contribution. If you are planning to buy or give flowers, be sure to consider this option.


The sustainable tendencies of the South Side are also reflected in its kitchen. Here you can find Soul Vegetarian, a restaurant that for almost forty years has been serving food that is 100% vegan and free of chemicals, sugars and flours. This with the purpose of caring for health and advocating physical and emotional fulfillment in its guests from the dishes they serve. In addition to the Soul Vegetarian proposal, around the South Side you can find more than 50 plant-based restaurants that range from classic American food options and barbecues to proposals from India, Mexico, China, Japan and many more, just around the neighborhood to contemplate the versatility.


It is clear that the South Side is a place whose history stands out for the search to care for the other and for the planet. ASANTÉ arrives identifying itself with its characteristics and seeking to share the evolution of traditions in a sustainable and delicious way.

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