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The keys to a healthy lifestyle

The keys to a healthy lifestyle

Before starting we have to be clear about what is a - healthy lifestyle -? When we hear synonyms for the word health, we tend to think that it refers to physical condition, but the concept goes much further.

To have a HEALTHY LIFE is to be in balance with ourselves,which means, the physical and mental state must go hand in hand.. We cannot be fully happy if either of us is neglected, so these two factors should never be exclusive.

How do we achieve a balanced lifestyle?

Now yes, here are the keys to success:

  • Physical activity

  • Keep moving, as we mentioned in a previous post, start with a new physical activity, no matter what your tastes are, even if you want to start with gym routines, athletics, boxing, dance, skateboarding, do what makes you the most happy.

    Make sure you get at least 30 minutes a day of exercise daily, not for anything does the WHO says that physical inactivity is one of the factors with the highest mortality rates in the world.

  • Take some time for your well-being.

  • There can be no motivation to have a good life if your mind is oversaturated. But the question is, how to maintain it?

    The answer is simple, you must listen to yourself and not hold back. The most common problems this year have been keeping feelings for yourself, not expressing discomfort or suffering from difficult situations, as, living with people you do not like, working under bad conditions, etc.

    Do not repress your feelings, all of them are valid and deserve to have the appropriate acceptance, if you have doubts about how to properly handle themor you feel lost, do not be afraid to talk to someone you trust and tell them how you feel, sometimes the only thing that You need is talk about it with a loved one.

    If you see that your symptoms can affect your physical health or your daily activities, don't hesitate to seek professional help from a therapist, he can help you get back on track.

  • Eat healthy

  • Did you know that meat can deteriorate your health? The WHO classifies processed meat as carcinogenic to humans, therefore it is recommended to reduce meat consumption by more than 50%.

    In addition, bad eating habits  combined with physical inactivity, the overweight pandemic - obesity, cardiovascular diseases, makes your body a time bomb that can also be affected due to the antibiotics that were previously injected into the animals.

    What to do? Stop eating animal meat is not an option for many, but what you can do is gradually reduce your consumption and eat a balanced diet. Make a  balance between vegetables, fruits, cereals and carbohydrates.

  • Hydrate constantly

  • Water is essential for all life on earth, make sure you take  at least two liters of water and go to a health specialist to regulate your consumption.

    If you are currently consuming a lot of sugary drinks such as sodas or juices with artificial flavors, start with a one-week challenge drinking only water, what will you gain from it?

    • You will notice a change in your body temperature: you will have a feeling of freshness and well-being.
    • Your skin will look radiant, more hydrated and elastic.
    • If you continually suffer from cramps or constipation, forget about it, water lubricates your joints, organs and will help you have a proper digestion.

  • To sleep with morpheus.

  • Technology, social networks, stress and many  worries have reduced our sleep hours.

    But this is a big mistake, the WHO recommends sleeping for 6 hours a day as a minimum, since sleeping little or having an unproductive sleep can affect your health causing: num reflexes, decreased ability to concentrate, appetite problems and mental ailments such as depression.

    Always remember to go resting  with a clear mind, and in case of having many thoughts in mind, why not try meditation? There are multiple lists on YouTube for sleeping and relaxation meditations. .

    These are some of the keys to having a healthy lifestyle, but remember that if you suffer from any illness or emotional ailing, always go to your doctor to get the best recommendations for your specific case.


    Don't let any excuse stop  you from changing your habits, and you will see a positive outcome soon!

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