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The salvation of the world is one decision away!

The salvation of the world is one decision away!

If you could do something right now to save the world, would you do it? Stop eating meat right now is what is in our hands, according to a recent article published by Rolling Stone and in collaboration with one5c, a project that seeks to reduce global warming with actions.

Although this change from one day to the next could be very drastic due to social and cultural conditions, it is still more within the possibility and capacity of everyone before, as the article says, changing your car to an electric one, your heating system, or how electricity is generated in your house.

The article mentions a study by the University of Colorado, where it says going meatless for just one day of the week is equivalent to saving more than 20,000 gallons of water and reducing carbon emissions by 400 pounds a year. Human beings produce carbon emissions regardless of what they consume while agriculture continues to rely on machinery that uses fossil fuels. However, the difference in emissions generated by meat consumption is drastically greater than emissions generated by plant-based diets.

Meat production is unsustainable in terms of how much land and the resources it needs, in addition to the fact that animals, during their digestive process, emit methane, which, according to the EPA, is "more than 25 times as potent as carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere.”

If you're planning to make a drastic transition to plant-based diets, it’s worth having the vitamin B12 and iron part covered, both of which are common for non-meat eaters to be deficient in when there is an imbalance in the diet.

A tip from nutritionists cited in the article is to use an app where you can track your meals and snacks throughout the day. You'll likely notice a lack of calories, as plant-based diets tend to have more fiber than calories. Also, pay attention to protein, and make sure to include black beans, chickpeas and tofu, which are sources of protein, in your daily diet. It is worth consulting a nutritionist whatever your diet is, to determine the amounts of protein, calories and nutrients that your body really needs.

New York Times columnist J. Kenji López-Alt mentions the balance that can be found in dishes from other countries and cultures such as India, Asia, and South America. He also mentions that "now is the best time to be alive," for vegans and vegetarians, as many brands are currently developing products that, with plant proteins, resemble the texture and experience of consuming meat.

One of these brands is ASANTÉ, which through texture and sustainable ingredients, seeks to emanate the flavors of favorite Mexican dishes, and thus evolve traditions while proposing culinary alternatives to promote the conservation of the planet.


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