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The solution to global warming lies in plant-based diets!

The solution to global warming lies in plant-based diets!

For several years now, efforts have been made to raise awareness regarding the greenhouse effect and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which have triggered global warming and other consequences, such as the melting of glaciers, temperatures rising, intense droughts, the disappearance of entire ecosystems, the extinction of several species and has even caused massive migrations due to climate and geopolitical changes, among other fatal consequences.

These emissions are produced mainly by fossil fuels, transportation, industrialization, electricity generation, buildings, and livestock production. The USA, China and India are the main emitters of CO2, the first two being the largest producers of meat and other animal products.

The International Resource Panel, a panel of expert scientists that constantly seeks proposals to help countries achieve the sustainability of their resources, sponsored by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), which since 2010 has published different studies declaring that a massive shift to plant-based diets is vital to protect the world from the impacts of climate change.

Besides that, the University of Oxford conducted a study on the CO2 emissions produced by consumers of meat and animal products compared to those who consume plant-based diets. They showed that those who consume at least 0.22 pounds of meat per day generate an equivalent of 15.87 pounds of CO2 through their consumption, while consuming plant-based diets generates 6.39 pounds. While carnivorous diets are generating 99% to 102% more CO2 emissions than plant-based diets!

If a global and conscious change towards plant-based diets is generated, each person, apart from looking after their health and improving their quality of life, would be contributing to control the situation of climate change from their individuality. Besides, it would end an industry that, in addition to being polluting, implies the suffering and deprivation of liberty of countless animals.

Plant-based diets are a direct solution to global warming that is becoming more and more within the reach of any lifestyle. ASANTÉ, concerned about the situation of our planet, seeks to facilitate the transition to plant-based diets through sustainable products, preserving the flavor of the most beloved dishes of Mexico, evolving traditions and advocating for a better planet for future generations. 


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