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Tips for organizing a light barbecue.

Tips for organizing a light barbecue.

Ingredients: grill, charcoal and delicious ingredients

Yes, we are talking about the famous "carne asada”, a perfect delicacy that is a tradition in North America to celebrate an event such as festivities, between family or friends or simply to chill out on the weekend. 

Today we want to give you the best tips so that you can eat this mexican traditional food guilt free,  we are talking about a “light babecue”, that as well as being low cost  is able to keep all your guests happy (and healthy). 

  • Clean up your grill.
  • Whenever you organize a “carne asada” be sure to clean your grill before and after cooking, as it can contain bacteria or leftover food. Avoid diseases by giving a quick cleaning.

  • Snacks, not junk food.
  • Generally the food is grilled at the moment, which makes your guests at the table waiting and chatting while snacking. But, snacks can be healthy During this time, try to swap junk for healthy snacks.

    For example, you can make roasted french fries, chopped carrots, celery sticks accompanied with a delicious sauce or cheese dip, depending on your diet. Your guests will be hungrier to enjoy the main dish.

  • Now the drinks.
  • Instead of sodas and sugary drinks, switch them to natural juices  or drinks like lemonades or even homemade iced tea. Also choose better to have light beers, you will enjoy the food more, avoiding a swollen belly or a stomach ache.

  • Roasted vegetables.
  • Roasted vegetables are becoming a trend that is gaining strength as well as being delicious. Try grilling corn, peppers, green onions, or cheese stuffed peppers if you're still eating it. You can make skewers with onion, potato, tomato, squash, avocado, and pineapple.

  • Swap meat for richer, healthier substitutes.
  • It may sound crazy to you, but meat is high in lipids that go straight to the heart, this being one of the causes that can cause cardiovascular diseases or heart attacks.

    Nowadays, you don´t have to suffer in looking for a rich supplement for meat, in Asanté we have delicious foods such as Barbecue (Barbacoa), Cochinita, Hamburger or “Carne al Pastor” that will make your roast meats something memorable, delicious and incomparable.

    Do you have any other tip or recipes? Let us know your comments.

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