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Tips to save the planet.

Tips to save the planet.

Tips to save the planet.

Have you seen the number of hurricanes that have hit the whole world? Or the numerous earthquakes? The wild fires? It's no coincidence that everything's coming together like a time bomb, this is due to the lack of care for the environment.

Caring for the planet today more than ever should become part of our daily routine, not only for the current well-being, also for future generations who would be the most affected by the damage caused to the beloved planet earth.

In fact, protecting the environment is not complicated and you don’t need a huge budget or effort to make small contributions that multiplied together become gigantic actions that give a breatheto global ecology.

Here are the best tips for our daily routine, praised by Greenpeace

To start a greener life:

  • Knowledge is power, so inform yourself from the particular to the general, that is, firstly dig in about the environmental problems that exist in your community, then in your country, continent and finally globally. Being informed will allow you to know how to act..
  • Do not shut up. Nobody is born an activist, start by talking about your concerns for the environment and the actions you are taking with your friends, family, relatives, work colleagues, etc. You will see that a good action spreads easily.
  • If you are going to speak, also act. If you are going to recommend something to a loved one, start by setting an example. If you make observations about littering in the streets, first, set the goal of not doing it yourself and change your habits, so that way you can share your experience. Or if you are going to recommend a life without eating meat, start by doing it yourself. Don’t worry, what matters is that in the long run you achieve your goals.

For the day to day:

  • Choose to walk. When you are going somewhere, choose to walk or use a bicycle instead of gasoline transportation. In addition to benefiting your health, you will lower your carbon footprint.
  • Buy Cruelty-Free products. With this we benefit thousands of animals that are free of being exploited, these products are generally made with more sustainable resources.
  • Consume local brands. You will be supporting growing businesses like Asanté that use beneficial health resources.
  • If you are looking to save energy as much as possible, you can change your heater for a solar one or use solar panels.
  • Don't waste energy. Turn off unused lights and unplug electrical appliances when you're not at home.
  • Change the normal bulbs for saving bulbs, this in addition to lowering CO2 emissions also reduces your electricity rate.

During hygiene habits:

  • Opt for products with natural ingredients, asin your shampoo, soaps, etc, of course to being cruelty-free.
  • Clean with biodegradable soaps or detergents, so you take care of the purity of the water and your clothes will be cleaner.
  • Don't use toxic solvents. For grease, sweat, wine or any stains that are difficult to remove, opt  for vinegar instead, it isn’t expensive and works a thousand times better than these "stain removers"

In your diet:

  • Say no to accumulation, as you will save space, consume only what you need and exhaust the useful life of the products
  • Be a responsible consumer. Consume only what you need and exhaust the useful life of the products, in other words: reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • NEVER WASTE  WATER. It is becoming more and more limited and wasting it, such as not closing the faucet while washing your hands, is a luxury that no one should give themselves nowadays.
  • Separate your waste into organic and inorganic, and if you have the possibility of dividing recyclables such as paper, aluminum, glass, cardboard, etc, it is much better.
  • Reduce your meat consumption. This is the most polluting industry on the planet as well as the most lethal for people and animals. To start the change, try reducing your animal products consumption on Mondays, joining the #MeatlessMonday community and reduce emissions worldwide! Asanté can be your ally in the transition.

Now that you have some tips to become more eco- friendly, don’t stop and tell us which ones we missed out on and give us some recommendations..

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