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Tips to stay fit and enjoy a delicious plant-based diet.

Tips to stay fit and enjoy a delicious plant-based diet.

Tips to stay fit and enjoy a delicious plant-based diet.

We have just witnessed one of the most anticipated events every 4 years, or at this specific time, 5 years had to pass to enjoy the Olympic party, which came to remind us the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle combined with the passion of a physical activity, without neglecting mental health.

Undoubtedly these Olympics inspired everyone to be the best version of ourselves, and we intuit that if you are reading this post, it’s because you are more than motivated to close cycles, and renew your lifestyle, including your diet inspired by these superhuman athletes.

Also, recently it was even announced that prominent athletes base their diet on plants and don’t consume animal proteins. Like Amelia Brodka, Olympic rookie skateboarder, or Morgan Mitchell, two-time 400m champion, she opted for a meat-free diet after watching shocking documentaries that made her rethink her diet.

What do these two athletes have in common? Neither of them was affected in their sports performance, on the contrary, they mentioned that after making this transition they felt with greater energy and resistance to improve in their sport, could it be that this diet, in addition to helping us lose weight, also improves our daily performance?

Perhaps you wonder how is this possible? Here we leave you some tips to maintain a balanced lifestyle, with sports activity and at once with a delicious diet based on the benefits that plants give us.

  • Start with an activity appropriate to your goals.
  • First, choose a sport or physical activity. It doesn’t matter if you just want to start with a light routine in the gym or a daily 30-minute walk, don't underestimate it! Willpower is sometimes the hardest step to achieve.

  • Double check your pantry.
  • Are you sure you have the right foods for a balanced diet? Make sure to choose nutrient-dense foods that give you adequate fuel: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

    Perhaps it will sound complicated, especially with the great offer of food in supermarkets that make the decision even more difficult. But here is a tip. Remember we mentioned the outstanding athletes on a vegetarian diet? Here is the answer.

    If what you are looking for is to lose a few pounds or increase muscle mass naturally, you can start by reducing your consumption of meat and animal proteins, that is, apart from restricting high-fat meats such as pork or beef, you can lower your dairy consumption which they inflame the abdominal area causing stomach ache.

  • Let's do it
  • Now that you have decided your physical activity and checked which foods do not match your goals, set objectives,  you can rely on an expert, for example, if it is a sport or you go to the gym, be guided by your trainer to set monthly or weekly goals. In the case of a balanced diet, go little by little, that is, if you previously ate meat or snacks rich in animal fats 3 times a week, your consumption will decrease to 1 time a week.

    What is the benefit of lowering your consumption of animal fats?

    • According to The Journal of the American Heart Association, it shows that both the flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diets have lower levels of cholesterol levels.
    • Calories don't matter! Yes, when a diet is vegetarian, many people do not count calories and enjoy their food without restrictions, but beware, it is not about abusing it, just enjoying and eating what the body needs.
    • On the other hand, when you are going to reduce the consumption of meat on the way to a flexitarian or vegetarian diet, you will see the results in express time, just by trying it 1 day a week you will see the changes in your body.
    • Likewise, they reduce blood sugar, this due to the abundance of fiber in food, excellent news to avoid overweight and obesity.

    These are just some benefits that will be reflected in a matter of days, and thanks to constant innovation in food, you don't need to deprive yourself of the typical foods that we love so much.

    Here we leave you a link so that you can be guided by rich foods rich in vegetable proteins, ideal to help you and stay strong during your day to day, in addition to that you can find them in Mexa Market.

  • Don't pressure yourself.
  • Finally, don’t force yourself to perfection, each body and person is different when it comes to catching the rhythm, do not demand excellence and allow yourself above all, in your beginnings, to waver, but without losing your way. Be patience


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