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What is the best diet for this 2023? The answer will blow your mind!

What is the best diet for this 2023? The answer will blow your mind!

Each year, the U.S. News & World Report, a high-impact medium in the United States and the world, publishes a detailed report on the best diets, beneficial for health.

This 2023 the winner for the sixth consecutive year was the Mediterranean diet, considered the most appropriate to keep you healthy and the best way to begin a plant-based diet.

But what were all the diets published in that study? And how is it that in the end they are all related in having a plant-based diet and low in animal protein consumption?

Here we reveal the undisputed winners!

Mediterranean diet

This diet has been analyzed  and awarded multiple times as one of the best in the world for years. But, for this to benefit you, you must do physical activity, moderate your salt intake, and avoid certain common vices such as tobacco, alcoholic and carbonated beverages.

If you thought about eating pasta and drinking wine every day, the reality is somewhat far from this scenario.

What is the Mediterranean diet?

These are some of its pillars, although to carry it out, always go with an expert who gives you the best possible guide.

You must eat 5 meals a day: three strong meals and two snacks:

Daily you should consume whole grains, greens, vegetables and olive oil. Of course you can add bread, rice, pasta, but as long as they are whole grain.

You can add cheese, yogurt, eggs, fish several times a week, however, you will see that over time, your body will ask you for natural foods and lower your fat intake.

Occasionally eating meat or chicken is allowed, although thanks to the richness of the diet, little by little you can make a transition to a plant-based diet.

Drink lots of water and occasionally treat yourself to a glass of wine.

This diet is considered one of the best for bone and joint health. Now imagine complementing it with the delicious dishes that Asanté has for you such as cochinita pibil, barbacoa, or felit asada, all 100% plant-based so that you meet your daily protein requirement and take care of your body and the planet.

DASH and Flexitarian Diet

Another great favorite is the DASH diet, which has several similarities with the flexitarian diet, both are highly beneficial for lowering cholesterol levels and starting with a healthier diet that will keep you strong and without making significant changes at once.

If you are looking to start with a plant-based diet, but you don't know how to start and you have certain doubts about how not to affect your body with such sudden changes, these diets can be your solution.

What are their characteristics and similarities?

Rich in vegetables and fruits, together with products rich in natural proteins.

Low consumption of fat derived from dairy products

Low consumption of animal proteins such as poultry, or red meat

You can consume soy foods, legumes and a little egg.

It is recommended to consume heart-healthy fats such as olive, canola and avocado oil.

The DASH and Flexitarian diets also have in common the almost zero consumption of animal proteins, especially red meat, which is why they are one of the most recommended to adapt to a healthy lifestyle and seek to make a transition to a 100% diet. plant based.

Complement it with the delights that Asanté has for you. Each box of Asanté is free of trans fats and preservatives. Ideal to adapt to your diet and daily life since it cooks in less than 1 minute and you take with you all the flavor of the traditional recipes that we love, such as suckling pig, pastor, chorizo or barbecue.

Evolve your diet and traditions with Asanté and this January get motivated joining the Veganuary Challenge! Find your Asanté HERE!

For The Evolution Of Traditions! 

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