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Wicker Park: Sustainable Luxury!

Wicker Park: Sustainable Luxury!

Wicker Park: Sustainable Luxury

Wicker Park is one of the Chicago neighborhoods that stands out for its nightlife, shopping areas, art, hipster style, and the sustainable luxury it offers. Full of green areas, plant-based options and proposals in favor of sustainability!

A sustainable transformation

Wicker Park since its founding in 1868, has gone through different stages. Since its founding as a community park, it has been the center of Polish culture in Chicago, where various expansion constructions have taken place. Currently, it has gone through a process of transformation in its architecture. Many of the old buildings have been remodeled or replaced with sustainable proposals that have increased the value of the neighborhood.

A self-sustaining community!

The inhabitants of Wicker Park care about maintaining a sustainable space that preserves its history and at the same time develops in favor of the needs of the Earth. They have a committee that meets every month and activities are organized in favor of enlarging the community, such as concerts or spaces to promote the businesses of community members.

Community Gardens For Everyone!

Wicker Park integrates permaculture into its habits through the Wicker Park Community Garden, a community proposal in which the inhabitants are dedicated to preserving native plants of the area, crops for the rest of the community, as well as caring for the process of bee pollination as well as other cycles of nature that have been increasingly interrupted by the intervention of human activity.

Green Nightlife!

Around Wicker Park you can find more than 100 restaurants with plant-based options that vary from something casual to a dinner with which you want to delight a companion. You can also find various markets specialized in plant-based and organic food, as well as a luxury market that offers vegan and cruelty-free products, providing a variety of options for daily life.


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