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World Water Day

World Water Day

It’s World Water Day and scientists and world leaders from around the globe agree that the most effective way to reduce water consumption is by adopting a plant-based diet.

We at Asanté couldn’t agree more and it’s one of the key reasons we started the company. Good for your health as well as the health of the planet is not just a tagline for us. The statistics on water consumption around the world are staggering and are only getting more dire. 

Key points to consider:

  • The United Nations recently stated that 700 million people could be displaced by intense water scarcity by 2030. That’s only 8 years away.
  • 90% of all managed water is used to grow food. That water used to grow the food we eat in a day is more than 17 times the amount we use in our household for showers, washing dishes, etc.
  • National Geographic estimates that the average vegan consumer uses nearly 600 gallons of water less than the person who eats the average American diet. 600 gallons less!

And it doesn’t end strictly with water consumption either. Not only is the use of water in animal agriculture an enormous issue but so is the pollution runoff into rivers, lakes and oceans from animal agriculture farms and processing plants, which combine to be an environmental “double whammy” of planetary impact.

So this World Water Day, and every day throughout the year, remember that you can only do so much for the planet in limiting showers or not watering your lawn. Where you make the greatest planetary impact is with your diet and brands like Asanté, who replicate the Mexican tastes you love without enacting a crippling effect on our water systems, are here to help.

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