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Asante our story photos of San Miguel de Allende and fresh Mexican ingredients

We are a plant-based meat company with an undeniable passion for our Latin American culinary heritage. Our goal is to bring beloved Mexican flavors to the world that are delicious and good for your health and the health of the planet and all its inhabitants. Our products are shelf stable so we don’t rely on energy-hungry (and climate unfriendly) refrigeration.

The Team

We are an experienced and innovative team of chefs, engineers, food scientists, and recipe developers who are passionate about our traditional Latin American flavors as well as protecting the planet.


The Ingredients

We know that local growers not only provide the freshest and cleanest ingredients but they are also most at risk from the effects of climate change. For that reason we are proud to partner with local farmers to bring the authentic tastes of Mexico that are in every bite of Asanté directly to you.


The Flavor

The unequalled flavors of Asanté products come from combining the perfect blend of ingredients with an understanding of traditional Mexican growing and cooking methods. Our love of, and passion for, our rich Mexican culinary heritage can be found in all our Asanté foods.

Happy family enjoying a meal together


Our mission is to reduce and reverse the negative health and planetary effects that threaten our future. One delicious forkful at a time.

If you are reducing your animal-based meat intake then you are contributing to the wellbeing of our home and the living beings we share our home with so Salud! At Asanté we believe in food that respects our health, traditional flavors, our culinary culture and protects our natural resources.

Our promise. Authentic Latin American flavors and sauces, crafted in Mexico by award-winning chef recipes.

Taste the difference. Our food has just the right spice and is aromatic, delicious, authentic, hearty and yes, crave-worthy.


Plant-based meat is not new. It has been around for thousands of years, our approach is to rescue the ancient knowledge of how to blend grains, legumes and fiber with modern gastronomic techniques to make an authentic gourmet experience, while also eating sustainably and healthy. That is why our name is a celebration of this balance Asanté = Salud!!

Each of our products have between 40g and 48g of high-quality plant protein. This protein blend cooked in a traditional Mexican technique to bring the best flavors of fresh ingredients.

Asanté Filet Asada packaging - vegan, gluten free

Filet Asada

Asanté Barbacoa - vegan


Asanté Pastor - vegan


Asanté Cochinita Pibil - vegan